Nintendo is Hiring for the Breath of the Wild Sequel


Nintendo is gearing up for Breath of the Wild sequel (Picture: Nintendo)

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently in progress, and Nintendo is hiring team members to get the sequel hopefully out sooner. Currently, Nintendo is hiring a level designer and a scenario planner to work out of their Japanese office to focus more on the next Zelda title.

Whether you’re applying for the job or not this certainly gets the circulation flowing in speculation. We have no idea how this sequel is going to turn out. Is Nintendo going to create a brand new open-world or add to it?

We’re sure whatever it is Nintendo has planned will be worth however long this wait will be, and you know what? We will wait, simply because it’s Nintendo asking us to, and in my opinion, you can’t rush perfection, especially for a second time.

Are you looking forward to this new entry? Let us know down below!

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