Fortnite On Switch How Does It Perform

So Fornite is one of the biggest games at the moment, if you haven’t heard of it then you must be living under a rock. Fortnite has been out on PC, PS4, Xbox, and iPhone and now it’s finally out for the switch but how well does it perform?

So since Fortnite launched on the Switch, We have been playing it none stop and we must say Epic games did an excellent job at porting the game over to the Nintendo Switch.

However, there are a few issues, these being that when in handheld you will get a few Lag Spikes when things are getting heated up, Not only that but every so often the background goes super blurry so trying to spot other players in the distance can be a difficult task.

When playing in docked we haven’t experienced any issues as of yet, but we will update this pages as soon as we experience any issues playing the game while it is docked.

Other than these issues we have experienced, Fortnite on the Switch is amazing and feels at home on the console. However, it might take you a while to get used to the controls if you are coming from a PC like we did.

Let us know your thoughts, do you think they did a good job at porting the game? And let us know any issues you are experiencing.

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