6 Games That Need To come To Switch

So the Nintendo Switch is amazing and here at Daily Gaming Report we use our Switches daily, and even though it has an amazing game library there are just some games that are missing.

So let’s go over the games that we would like to see come to the Switch. Now the games which I am going to list are just games which we would like to see and even though the Switch can’t handle some of these games, we still want to list them anyway.

Fortnite – So obviously this one has to be said, now it is clear that Epic games are working on Fortnite for the Switch but how long is it going to take ( like come on release it already) I’m really hoping that we will hear more about Fortnite coming to the Switch at E3. I mean could you imagine playing Fornite on the Switch.

Elder Scrolls Online – So with Summerset close to launching, I would love to see ESO on the Switch, I mean this game is mostly for me as I do play a lot of ESO ( Now that I’m thinking about it probably too much) But this game on the Switch would be amazing, and you can stop writing in the comments that the Switch won’t be able to handle it, I hear ya and you are right yes the Switch probably can’t handle it but a man can still dream cant he.

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Dayz or a similar game – So I’m sure we have all played Dayz at one point or another whether it is the Standalone version or the Arma mod, either way, I’m sure you have played Dayz. But could you imagine being able to play that on the Switch or a similar game to it as currently, the Switch is missing a zombie survival game which has an online aspect to it.

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Bioshock Series – So I loved the Bioshock series and I played all of them, but they need to come to switch, I would totally buy them again for the Switch and yes the Switch would be able to handle them. I mean the Switch can handle Skyrim so I don’t see any reason for it not to be able to handle Bioshock.

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A Fallout Game – Fallout is a fantastic series and it would totally feel at home on the Nintendo Switch now hopefully it’s Fallout 3 as that was one of the best but TBF I’ll take any Fallout game. So i would find it hard to believe that the Switch would be able to handle Fallout 4, but if it can be ported I’ll take it.

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Borderlands Series – So Borderlands 2 come out on the PSvita, so why it isn’t on the Switch already I don’t know, it would be the perfect place for the series and I keep saying series because I don’t just want the one Borderlands game, I would love to see all the Borderlands games make their way over to the Switch.

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So we could go on forever listing games that we want on the Switch but these are just some of the games which we want the most. Let us know in the comments what games you would love to see make there way to the Switch.

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