You can now register for the Minecraft Dungeons Beta

Minecraft Dungeons Beta
(Picture: Mojang)

Minecraft Dungeons Beta

Mojang is trying something new with Minecraft, they’re working on a new dungeon crawler game called Minecraft Dungeons. If you are interested or at least intrigued, a Minecraft Dungeons Beta is happening that you can register for.

The process is simple to go through; you go to this website, log in with your Microsoft account, tell them your country of origin and select which platform you would prefer to play on. After you do all of that you’ll be registered, and the next step is patience, as you’ll have to have to wait for an email to notify you if you’ve been selected. Though do bear in mind that Minecraft Dungeons Beta is only available for users 18+.

The Beta release date has not yet been announced, we do know it’s officially happening, so it’ll no doubt be a few months before you hear anything – as the main debut for the title is before the summer next year.

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MineCon2019 has just happened, and of course, the Minecraft team could not miss out on releasing a droplet of information at their own convention. They shared the opening cinematic that all players will see when starting their adventure.

Inspired by Minecraft, which makes sense, in Minecraft Dungeons you’ll see familiar faces and environments on your journey, from swamps, mines, and canyons. Though the focus has changed, as you will be fighting your way through several dungeons and be murdering opponents with up to three other people, but don’t worry as this is optional, as there is just a single-player mode.

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Minecraft Dungeons is coming out on Windows 10, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One sometime in the spring of 2020. For those who have the Xbox Game Pass, it’ll be available on that from day one.

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