You Can Now Eject Discs With a Controller On Xbox One

Xbox One users will soon have the ability to eject discs using the controller.

The Xbox One has been out for seven years and has been missing a feature that the Xbox 360 had, this being the ability to eject discs using the Xbox controller. Well, Microsoft has now enabled users the ability to eject discs with a controller on the Xbox One.

In order to eject the disc using a controller, hover over the disc in the main menu and press X, this update is currently live on the Xbox Insiders program and will arrive to everyone.

Xbox One users will soon have the ability to eject discs using the controller.

This ability might not seem like a huge feature, but if for example, your eject button is broke on your Xbox One, rather then having to get your Xbox repaired or buy a new one, you can now just eject the disc using the controller.

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With Microsoft also pushing for the ability for everyone to be able to play games by bringing out the Adaptive Controller, this is a great feature to add as those who maybe don’t have the ability to eject the disc using their hands, this feature will make it easier for them.

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