Yoshi joins Sony’s Roster after a 400 million dollar deal was made

For as long as we could we remember Yoshi was associated with Nintendo alongside names such as Mario and Peach. But just this Wednesday it was announced that Sony scored a record-breaking 10 year, 400 million dollar deal and now we shall see Yoshi’s name along with names such as Kratos and Nathan Drake.

At Sony American Headquarters in New York, CEO Jim Ryan of Sony Interactive and Entertainment president said,  “This is a huge day for Sony. Yoshi is one of the most talented and popular characters out there, and we are thrilled by his decision to join the PlayStation family,”

“Yoshi will bring incredible egg-throwing and platforming abilities to our roster. He has been an underappreciated leader at Nintendo for years, and we know fans want to see what he can do outside the confines of that system. We see huge potential in Yoshi both as a big-time superstar who could potentially carry his own open-world survival game as well as work with stars like Kratos in God Of War.”


With this deal, he hoped that in these next 10 years he no longer needed to live in the shadow of major Nintendo characters, but rather take this time to show how great he can truly be.

What do you think of this? Should of Yoshi stayed at Nintendo? Let us know in the comments below.

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Update: We now know this article to be false, we were tricked by The Onion, so well played but we will get our revenge. =)

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