Xbox Series X Positively Launching This Holiday

Xbox Series X

Phil Spencer Shining Some Light on Xbox Series X’s Latest Release

Xbox seems to have gotten on the right track regarding the future of Xbox hardware. Phil Spencer has come to a conclusion on launching Xbox’s newest console just in time for Christmas. And with the impact of COVID-19, this does not seem to slow down Phil Spencer’s motives.

The news was mentioned in a podcast co-hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime (Former Nintendo of America President). Where Spencer laid out the information of the Xbox Series X releasing before 2021.

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He also told Fils-Aime about the progress of Xbox’s games and software that will be implemented for the next-generation console. But falls short in terms of “physical collaboration”. These are things such as; motion capture, and music recording due to COVID-19.

Spencer also mentioned that the company just concluded a hardware review last week and feels good about the supply chain in relation to the console’s release.

However, with this being said. Xbox has been recorded to have some logistical hurdles when it comes to QA. And getting physical test machines into people’s hands. But it is not all doom and gloom as Phil Spencer proceeds to say “We’ve had to work through some challenges, but we feel good about the timelines and really good about this holiday”

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