Xbox series X Event for July?

Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X event july

Get ready for launch!!

With the Summer in full swing and every game company hosting events more or less every day, it’s easy to ask ‘What about the new Xbox?’ PS5 launch seems like an age ago and the talk has been pretty busy with speculation. Microsoft themselves have even said that they are ‘NOT’ in a console war. Clearly however they have been waiting for the PS5 launch dust to settle before setting up their own fresh event.

So what can we expect? Obviously, they were going to launch with a Halo title, and to be honest ‘I love me a bit of Halo’ This time round titled Halo: Infinite and they are using SlipSpace technology which really is breathtaking.

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Check out the video and see for yourself (Just remember to have an oxygen mask on standby) But that’s not all, with Microsoft operating fifteen other studios we can expect great things from them. The rumor mill is full of talk such as, Hellblade 2, Fable 4, Everwild (From the Sea of Thieves team), Forza, Everspace 2, Grounded (Survival game), and an as-yet-untitled game written by the people that bought us Red Dead Redemption. Sounds exciting.

When can we expect this? By now a few of us have seen the May edition that Xbox offered, this however was a little underwhelming, and since the PS5 reveal we will be expecting a lot more than some third party titles. As of right now, the exact date is not confirmed, but it is likely to be July 2020, although even the website still doesn’t have that locked in. Still, on a positive note Aaron Greenberg, director of Microsoft Marketing has hinted on twitter that they are just about ready to go.

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With July just around the corner, it will soon be August when we are all asking ‘So what’s the actual release date’? as we start to put our PS5 and Xbox X pre-orders in! Soon people, real soon!

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