Xbox Live Gold’s 12 month subscription disappears from Microsoft’s store

Xbox Live
Xbox Live Gold's 12 month subscription disappears from Microsoft's store

Microsoft Makes 12 Months Of Xbox Live Vanish?

Seemingly out of nowhere, Microsoft’s online Xbox service, Xbox Live Gold, no longer has a button that allows for a 12-month subscription. While it’s still possible to buy a 12-month subscription from pre-existing codes, it’s very interesting to see Microsoft make a move like this. Could they be planning a different online model within these 12 months?

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Xbox Live

Recently, we’ve seen the Xbox brand shift from focusing on console sales to focusing on their online sales. Their Gamepass subscription lured in many people and was genuinely a great deal. Even more so, Microsoft announced on July 16 that Gamepass and their upcoming streaming project, Xcloud, are merging. Judging by their recent advances revolving around Gamepass, it could be possible that they will soon have a new way to play online that could appear on the Xbox Series X.

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Why would Xbox do this?

While it’s all speculation, it’s strange that you can no longer buy Xbox Live for a whole year, but the 1-3 month subscriptions remain. Seeing as the Xbox Series X is coming out this November, that means that the 1-3 month subscriptions will end just before that. I personally believe that Microsoft might drop Xbox Live Gold to get the advantage over Sony. They already make lots of money from the Gamepass, so having their online play model free would be huge going into this new generation of consoles. Consequentially, it would also allow for more people to try out new games since some games are online-only. Since Halo: Infinite will likely come day one with the upcoming Series X, having Infinite’s online be free could possibly attract new players who have never played Halo.

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On Thursday, July 23, Xbox will host a presentation titled Xbox Games Showcase. As the title suggests, it will likely only focus on revealing games. However, if they do have a new online play model ready, that presentation would be the perfect time to announce it.

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