World Of Warcraft Next Expansion Shadowlands Has Been Announced

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World Of Warcraft Next expansion Shadowlands has finally been announced at Blizzcon. (Image: Blizzard)

After about a month of leaks and rumours, pointing towards World Of Warcraft getting a new expansion called Shadowlands. We now know that World Of Warcraft is getting a brand new expansion, this news was announced during Blizzcon.

The new expansion for World Of Warcraft will be called Shadowlands, this new come straight from Blizzcon, in which Blizzard showed off a cinematic trailer for World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands. During the cinematic, we saw Sylvanas who returns to Icecrown Citadel, to battle the current Lich King Bolvar. After the battle Sylvanas takes Bolvar’s crown and splits in half, which tears open reality, revealing what we believe to be Shadowlands. You can view the full World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands cinematic down below:

As well as that Blizzard also showed off some gameplay for World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands in which we see brand new zones, as well as that we can see that players will have the ability to choose a covenant, aligning with one of the different fractions. You can view the full gameplay trailer down below:

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