World of Tanks Battle Royale Mode ‘Steel Hunter’ Revealed!


Starting August 26th a new battle royale inspired game mode will be coming to World of Tanks. The new game mode will be called ‘Steel Hunter’ and will pit players (or Platoons) against each other while introducing a ton of new game mechanics! Of which include looting, ‘on-the-fly’ vehicle upgrades via a branching tree, airdrops and more. Check out the trailer below!

As you would expect from a battle royale mode, ‘Steel Hunter’ will start players on a level playing field. Before each battle starts, the twenty players (or seven three-player Platoons) choose a place to spawn on ‘Dreamland’, the brand-new city map specifically designed for Steel Hunter. As the battle unfolds, the area of play progressively gets smaller and so-called Danger Zones appear.

It was stated by Max Chuvalov (Publishing Director, World of Tanks) that this will be “A fresh challenge in World of Tanks, Steel Hunter shows we’re not done experimenting. Last year, we tested the foundations of this mode,”. “Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from our players, we decided to build on those foundations and create a fully-fledged mode that will get players even more excited!”

During each game of Steel Hunter players will earn ‘Battle XP’ this can be earned by looting players and is used to upgrade your tank during the game… But, this isn’t all that can be looted as you can imagine. By finding treasures or by stopping off at special stationary loot points you’ll be able to restore hit points, find ammo, consumables or even powerful abilities  to use during the battle. These abilities include smoke screens, airstrikes and powers (such as team healing).

Interestingly, Should you decide to get involved, it is said that players will be adequately rewarded for their tours of duty with a collection of decals, 2D styles, Credits, Bonds, Medals, Emblems and Premium Account time to be earned… So, with that in mind, will you joining in? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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