What games are coming to BOTH next gen consoles?

Xbox/Ps5 games
Games for Xbox and PS5 combined

A rough guide to what we can expect!

With the launch of the PS5 and the Xbox series X just around the corner, we have been inundated with launch exclusives, news and rumors galore. But whether you are a Playstation or an Xbox gamer, some of you might be wondering which games are coming to BOTH consoles. So below is a rough idea of what we know so far.

At the top of the list is Assassins Creed: Valhalla. Like all UbiSoft games, the next AC installment will be on all consoles.

Ragnar was upset at not having a mask against COVID!

Battlefield 6. EA has been pretty tight lipped about this game. Apart from a recent Tweet that said they would be ‘targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms‘. I have no idea what that means, but its still exciting!

The BBQ was way too hot!

Chivalry 2. A medieval, FPS, Hack n Slash, multiplayer game! This will be a 64 player battlefield game which promises to be a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to be a knight!

Chopping down Christmas trees had proved dangerous in the past!

Chorus. A game that was shown with the Xbox game reveal, it turns out that this will in fact also be on the PS5. A futuristic shooter, your main objective is to destroy the foolish cult that you happened to once be a part of!

Madonna’s new concert looked promising!

Control. A supernatural action-adventure. It was already released on the 27th August 2019. However it will be getting an upgrade to next gen ‘At some point’.

‘Give me a double choc latte or I will shoot you in the face’

Cyberpunk 2077. If you haven’t heard about this game, then you probably need to subscribe to this website. The most highly anticipated game of 2020, will be getting an upgrade on next gen consoles. If it ever gets released before I need to collect my pension!

Mad Max was having trouble remembering THIS city!

Dying Light 2. One of my favorite zombie games out there is getting a sequel. And a long time we have been waiting (first out in 2015)! I’m probably more excited about this, than Cyberpunk.

Dave was going to ask for directions. But changed his mind.

FarCry 6. Another UbiSoft franchise games will be hitting next gen in February 2021. This time it sees evil drug lord Gus.. no wait..wrong guy. Its sees evil villain Anton Castillo keep a tight grip on a local city.

The chicken business had worked wonders for Gus career!

Fifa 21. Unsurprisingly EA will be releasing this game. Parents should hide their credit cards from kids that want to spend their life savings on loot crates. I’m pretty sure a mate of mine spent enough to buy an actual footie team!!

An artist impression of what football matches could look like in 2021.

GTA V. Rockstar announced that GTA would be getting a remaster/upgrade. If you happen to be playing this on PS4 right now, then you should be receiving $1 million in (virtual) cash every month until launch. It is likely to be available in late 2021. This will be the third release of GTA V.

You know you want me!!

Gods and Monsters. First announced at E3 2019 for an early 2020 release, this UbiSoft title will now be available around the spring of 2021. Maybe.

I don’t want another Slim-fast shake! Medusa screamed.


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Gothic. THQ have decided to remake its 2001 classic. Although this was only announced for PS5, it has always been available on each console, so I have added it. Either way, its another remake.

‘Release the hounds he said. Good one Dave’

Hitman 3. Although this was showcased on the PS5 games stream, it will be coming to Xbox series X. The third installment is likely to finish up on the current story line. To be honest it looks amazing. Should drop around January 2021.

Although the big collar look is out, Agent 47 still makes it look cool!

Madden 21. Like Madden 20, but different. EA Sports love this stuff!

Purple Ronnie really liked playing NFL.


Metal: Hellslinger. A Doom like game, this is one to watch. With an Epic soundtrack provided by Trivium’s Matt Heafy and Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, this is gonna be a kill-fest. Apparently the headbanging tunes intensify as you get more accurate shots in. Count me sold!

Thou shalt give me METAL!!

NBK 2K21. The next season for Basketball fans will be returning in this ongoing franchise. This is supposed to be out on next gen consoles, but as a rule they tend to drop in September, and a release date is set for the 4th. Perhaps it will be a free next gen upgrade?

A nice tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Observer: System Redux. This is a remaster of the original starring the late Rutger Hauer (Bladerunner). It will feature new content, upgraded graphics and enhanced game-play. A psychological horror first released in 2017 with a steam rating of 9/10.

The late Rutger Hauer is great in this!


Oddworld: Soulstorm. Despite being called Soulstorm, this is actually a remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus. Oddwold are indeed popular and if you have never played an Oddworld game, then this is a cool place to start. That said, it is another remake (yawn).

Abe loved doing his Gollum impression!

Outriders. All I can tell you about this game, is that it will be on next gen consoles at the end of this year. The developer has said  its ‘a co-op RPG shooter for a new generation set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe‘. So it sounds like it will be fun!

With COVID-19 still around, the new nightclub attire was impressive.


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Paradise Lost. A first person adventure about a boy who finds a Nazi bunker in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Sounds cheery.

Yes!! He had finally found the Stargate!


Planet Coaster: Console Edition. Its been a while since I have played a Rollcoaster Tycoon type game. It is a sequel and has been on PC since 2016. The console version was due for initial release in summer of 2020, this was pushed back to the winter. It will be on PS4 and Xbox as well as next gen.

Only 175 more loops to go!


Pragmata. Developed by Capcom, very little is known about this game. We can tell you that is due for release in 2022, so you have time to decide which console you will want it on.

Recompile. You get to play as a Virus. Hmm.. however what is cool, is that you also get to choose if you want to go in with your weapons out, or hack the system and allow the bad guys to kill each other. Explore, Hack, Fight, Survive! Sounds like it could be one for the strategists.

Human Torch decided to branch out into computer games.


Resident Evil 8. Chris Redfield is back and heading into what looks like a spooky village in Transylvania. Although the third person remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 have recently been released, Resident Evil 8 will be first person and looks super cool.

Chris was hoping that Simon was in at CastleVania!

Scarlet Nexus. Bandai Namco’s hack and slash anime adventure was originally announced on the Xbox reveal back in May. However this will be coming to PS5 too. Your character will use mostly psychic powers to beat mutants attacking your city.

Kung-Foo Panda has lost a bit of weight since last time we saw him.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum. A never seen before perspective of Gollum’s story, told as an action-adventure game. Due for release in 2021 on all platforms.

Gollum was angry at Abe’s impression of him.

Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2. This was shown on the Xbox games showcase, but it is confirmed to be also coming to PS5. You play a vampire in this version of a tabletop role-play game brought to life on your screen. It sounds pretty cool and looks sweet! Get your bite on!

One, hahaha, Two, hahaha, Three.. you get the idea!

Watchdogs: Legion. And here is yet another UbiSoft game. This is due out on October 29th 2020. This will be on current consoles and next gen. I was initially not too fussed about this, but I have since taken more of an interest. Now the only question is, do I wait for next gen? Or get it in October?

You too can make Pig heads look fashionable, maybe!

WRC 9. Last in this list is WRC 9. It will release on all platforms in September, but also on next gen. The game will feature rallies from Kenya, New Zealand and Japan, alongside over 400km of roads from all 13 scheduled rounds of the 2020 season. Sounds like a blast!

The new Toyota Yaris, gets you from A to B via a forest.

There are a few more remakes and remasters coming out, and of course each console has its own exclusives. But as you can see from the list, the next few months worth of gaming looks pretty good, and we at DGR cannot wait to sink our teeth into all!!

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