Weather Factory Launches Coven Club to Support Women in Games

Weather Factory, the developers of Cultist Simulator and other games, have launched the Coven Club Initiative to help support women who work within the games industry.


Studio Co-founder, Lottie Bevan will be running this monthly event in order to help women everywhere establish valuable connections and develop new friendships with other women who work in the many areas of video games. The first event will be taking place at Ziferblat, London on the 26th September.


Not only will this directive help women receive work in the games industry, but for those who are already there, it could possibly provide long-term benefits. The main advantage will be to work on developing a large network of contacts to help encourage women to stay longer in the industry and perhaps even open up better and more rewarding career opportunities.


Bevan says, “Firstly, we’ve started Coven Club to help women make friends with other women in the industry. We’re in the minority, and it can be quite isolating depending on your studio’s size, gender make-up or your particular role. There’s actually a lot of us here”.


“Secondly, Coven Club wants to provide a support network. In the long-run, I hope this network will make it easier for women to cope with the day-to-day stresses of being a woman in games, and therefore keep women in the industry for longer”, she continued.


It is stated that the event is not  made intended for students or those who wish to gain direct recruitment opportunities to specific game companies. It is not that kind of event. Their will be comfy chairs where women can relax and simply talk about their own experiences within the gaming community. Not only does this help build a network of women within games but can be a great place to simply make friends. Bevan adds to this by saying, “some women may not feel comfortable talking about certain experiences or opinions in a mixed-gender environment. So I’m keeping Coven Club women-only for now”.


The event is welcome to anyone who identifies as a woman and has a passion for video games and its work. . While the initiative is only stationed at London at the moment, possible expansions around the world are currently being looked at.


If you wish to learn simple visit this page to read more information.

Joshua Boast
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Hi there, My name's Josh and I am a student studying Games Journalism & PR at Staffordshire University. My username is BoastAG which stands for Boast About Games, which is pretty self explanatory. Narrative games and RPG's are among my most favorite games to play. Particularly the Kingdom Hearts series and choice-based games made by Telltale. Games that tug the heartstrings are clearly my weakness. I'm a member of a dance society named LunaGaze and an experienced ShadowRun player (tabletop). Feel free to follow me on Twitter ;)

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