Watch Dogs: Legion images leaked

Watch Dogs: Legion images leaked
Leaked images from Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Shown Images And It Looks Interesting

For anyone that pre-ordered Watch Dogs: Legion, then you will by now realize that the game did not ship out on March 6th, 2020. As of writing this article, it seems that there is still no release date. However, we have a few images leaked.

Watch Dogs: Legion is a third-person RPG with a big open-world map. Players can recruit a variety of characters by doing certain missions. These characters can then be used later on in the game. However, in the style of State of Decay 2, if a character dies, they will be removed from your roster. Permanently!

Watch dogs image leaked

Think your kitchen is on fire mate!

Watch dogs legion image

Nice suit and hand cannon!

Watch dogs legion images

ello, ello, ello, is this another character here then?

watch dogs legion images

Nice porn tash!

What can we tell from the images? Well, let’s see. It looks like we are able to switch between characters (as I mentioned above), while sporting some interesting facial hair designs. We can also see that some of the textures of the game are coming through nicely along with detailed looking locations. The game will still set in London (the original idea is that we are in a post-Brexit future, but since nothing really happened maybe that has now changed).

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We now know that this game will be released to coincide with the launch of Xbox series X and PS5, so does that mean we can expect a free update in the style of Cyberpunk? I would like to think so.

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