Watch Dogs 3 – New Leak Suggests Female Protagonist, Counter Terrorism, No Guns, Drugs, London + More!


Watch Dogs 3 rumours have been circling the web for some time now. Most leaks point in the same direction but nothing has yet been confirmed.

According to the latest leak, it is suggested that Watch Dogs 3 will be officially teased by Ubisoft “two weeks before E3,” and will be followed up with an official reveal at this year’s conference. Interestingly, the release date is claimed to be November this year.

Anyway, without keeping you waiting let us get down to the leak posted on ResetERA (and later shared on Reddit)… This Leak states that the game will be set in London just like previous leaks… However, this time around comes with some very new information.

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Interestingly, the leak suggests that the game’s protagonist will be female for the first time in the series; The leak goes on to state that the character will be “named Sarah who is half Asian half English.”

According to the leak, “She works for a counter-terrorist organization in a branch that specializes in stopping cyber attacks; she is tasked with infiltrating a hacker group, bringing their operations down and finding out who is in charge.”

Also, (this ties in to the game being set in London) the leak goes on to claim that guns and knives will be replaced with non-lethal weapons like batons for example. As well as mentioning that “Sarah’s backstory revolves around her deceased brother’s addiction to drugs.” Check out the actual leak below!

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Personally, taking information from the leak, I am quite intrigued at how deadsec will implemented with given the information from the leak (eg working for a counter-terrorist organization).

E3 2019 is set to begin on June 11 with it ending on June 14. With them given dates we should find out more about Watch Dogs 3 very soon (according to the leak). Of course, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt as always but do keep an eye out for more information here at Daily Gaming Report!

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