Watch 17 Minutes of Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay

Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 3 17 - Minutes of gameplay footage.

17 –  Minutes Of Amazing Footage Of Shadow Warrior 3!

Shadow Warrior is returning to its roots as a linear, narrative-driven game in its third entry in the series. IGN has 17 minutes of footage for your viewing pleasure below. However, if that’s a bit too long for you to watch, here are the big takeaways from the extended look at Shadow Warrior 3.

Shadow Warrior 3 from an outsider’s perspective is the amalgamation of modern Doom’s gameplay loop and Borderlands style comedy that is married together in a bloody and spectacularly gory way. Enemies move quickly, but the main character Lo Wang (voiced by Borderland’s Mordecai, Jason Liebrecht) is quicker. Wang’s trademarked blade and an assorted arrangement of guns slice, explode and dismember any who come in the player’s path.

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All the while, Wang has witty quips for nearly every situation. Even when the grapple attachment he picks up midway through the video is obtained, Wang immediately makes a joke about doing things only a spider can.

Each of the mini-bosses that Wang encounters in Shadow Warrior 3 seems to have something on, or in, their body to rip off and use against more of his foes for a limited time. If this is only a portion of how the game will play, players are in for a treat when Shadow Warrior 3 releases sometime next year.

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