Valve rewards person for finding games code bug

Valve rewards person for finding games code bug

Recently, Valve rewarded a man named Artem Moskowsky for an interesting discovery. In fact, back in August Artem found a bug which lets players get access to thousands of game codes for free. Additionally, Valve rewarded him with $20,000.

More importantly, this bug would allow a user with a dev account access to the codes by changing a parameter. Surprisingly, Artem discovered this by searching on a web application while speaking with The Register.

“To exploit the vulnerability, it was necessary to make only one request,” he said. “I managed to bypass the verification of ownership of the game by changing only one parameter. After that, I could enter any ID into another parameter and get any set of keys.”

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Accordingly, when he tested this method he received 36,000 keys to Portal 2 by entering characters randomly. Next, he reported this to Valve privately on the matter. Finally, he was rewarded $15,000 and an additional $5,000 for handling it professionally.

However, this isn’t the first time Valve paid Artem for such an occasion. In fact, he was paid $25,000 for finding a SQL injection bug. Apparently, this bug messes with data of an existing property and can do serious damage and bypass transactions as well.

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Comment below on what you think of Valve paying someone to find bugs. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, the UK bundle of Super Smash Bros Ultimate will not include the Gamecube controller adapter now.

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