Valve responds to Artifact microtransactions

Valve responds to Artifact microtransactions

Recently, it’s been of concern from players of the microtransactions in Valve’s upcoming title Artifact. Accordingly, upon the game’s release on November 28th it will come with a starter pack. Secondly, future cards will be released on Steam. However, these cards cost actual money even if you use event tickets to buy them which also costs money.

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Nevertheless, Valve has come up with a solution to make everyone happy. In fact, Valve will be “adding a system that allows extra, unwanted cards to be recycled into event tickets.

“Much of that feedback has been a clear signal that we underestimated how much interest and excitement the community has around certain features that weren’t available in the initial beta build,” Valve said.

Honestly, its good to see Valve care about their community and their interests. Of course, we might see Half-Life 3 after all.

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Comment below on what you think of Artifact’s card system. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, No Man’s Sky’s Visions update has been revealed.

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