Valve Possibly Making More Half-Life Games After New VR Title Half-Life: Alyx

The wait is over, Valve is making new AAA games, starting with Half-Life: Alyx (Credit: Valve)

The wait is over; Valve is making new AAA games, starting with Half-Life: Alyx (Credit: Valve)

Yesterday, Nov. 21, Valve announced a new Half-Life title, a VR sequel that takes place in between the first two games. Along with the long-awaited return to the universe, Valve has confirmed that if the reaction to Alyx’s arrival is positive, then the world can see more entries in the franchise.

In the process of creating Half-Life: Alyx, we’ve had to explore new ways to tell stories with these characters and this world, and we’ve discovered a lot of new gameplay experiences that go beyond what we’ve been able to do before,” Valve programmer David Speyrer told The Verger. “Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how people react to Half-Life: Alyx once it’s out, but we’d love to continue pushing forward.”

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The news of Valve coming out with a new Half-Life may surprise audiences, but having anything new to be developed has been discussed in the past. In 2017 Gabe Newell did vaguely answer questions about the possibilities in the company’s future when it comes to creating new titles, whether it is a new IP or sequel to an existing property. Last year was the release of Artifact, the virtual card game based on Dota 2, was the first step in this direction that has not been touched in over a decade.

Valve did tease what’s to come in the new VR entry to Half-Life. “Alyx Vance and her father Eli discover a secret that leads them into the heart of the Combine’s occupation of City 17,” the developer tweeted.

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Alyx will release in March 2020 for Steam Index and other VR platforms. Having Valve Index will get you the game for free, but other gamers with Vive or Oculus can get the game 10% off on Steam through March 30, 2020, if it is pre-ordered. Anyone else will payout the normal $59.99 (£46.49).

What do you think about this return to Valve’s iconic franchise? Let us know all of your thoughts on Half-Life: Alyx in the comments and you can watch the trailer below:

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