Valve officially unveils ‘Steam Labs’ for all Steam Users!

“Every year, we create dozens of experiments around discoverability, video, machine learning, and more. You know who we thought might enjoy seeing them? Everyone.” – Valve

Steam Labs

Recently, during the epic ‘Steam Summer Sale’ Valve had major issues recommending new / relevant games to it’s users. As a result of this Valve have unveiled a brand new service known as ‘Steam Labs’.

Interestingly, Steam Labs will use AI tracking to analyze each individuals library and playtime in order to recommend new games to the user. Steam Labs is set to to use three ‘experiments’: ‘Micro Trailers’, an ‘Automatic Show’ and an ‘Interactive Recommender’. Find out more about these below…

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Micro Trailers

Micro Trailers present the user with short and snappy six second trailers that are designed to quickly inform players on what each game is about. If the trailer stands out to you, you can click on it to visit its page within the store.

Automated Show

The Automated Show is a daily 30 minute video or less (hopefully less), in which Steam shows off a compilation of game clips that may be relevant to you.

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Interactive Recommender

Lastly comes the interactive recommender, arguably the better of the three ‘features’. This is what will use playtime,  play history and your current library to make recommendations on what you might be interested in playing next. With this feature you can adjust or restrict the recommendations by applying filters such as release date, tags, category etc.

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