Valve Bans PUBG Skin Trading Website

Valve Bans PUBG Skin Trading Website

Earlier in the year Player Unknown Battlegrounds went through quite a controversy, When players were abusing Item trading they suspended player item trading. But it seems like today Valve has taken it a step further as they have applied bans to all of Opskins trade bots.

As a result of this Ban, millions of dollars of vanity items have been lost and it has caused quite a stir in the PUBG community. The suspension went into effect on May 3 without warning and thus trapping 964, 243 skins in OPskin’s inventory. Then, on June 9, Valve announced it would completely ban all OPSkin trade bots by June 21.

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pubg players lose 1 million in skins due to valve ban

Many fans have called PUBG Corp. shady as they had the power to lift the suspension to let players withdraw the personal items but they did not do that. This seems like another blow to the slowly dying battle royale. Whether it was the rise of Fortnight or questionable decisions by the Development team it seems we are close to the death of PUBG unless they can pull a rabbit out of the hat and do something to bring back players.

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In other news, PUBG drops the lawsuit against Fortnite.

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