Upcoming Cosmetic Items Datamined In Patch V4.5.0 Files

Dataminers have already been hard at work after the release of Fortnite patch V4.5.0 and it didn’t take them long to find new cosmetic items that we should expect over the coming weeks.

Here are all the new Fortnite items we should expect including outfits, pickaxes, back bling, and gliders:

Names and rarities added via

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Criterion (Legendary) and Oblivion (Legendary)

Sleuth (Epic) and Gumshoe (Epic)

Fireworks Team Leader (Epic) and StarSpangled Trooper (Uncommon)

StarSpangled Ranger (Uncommon) and Noir (Epic)

Vertex (Legendary)

Terminus (Epic) and Viceroy Mark I (Epic)

Forerunner (Rare)

Destabilizer (Legendary) and Stabilizer (Legendary)

Blasting Cap (Epic) and Confidential Case (Epic)

Cluefinder (Epic) and Evidence Bag (Epic)

Deflector (Legendary)

Razor Edge (Rare) and Victory Lap (Uncommon)

Magnifying Axe (Rare) and Crimson Axe (Rare)

Bring It (Uncommon) and Infinite Dab (Rare)

Eagle (Rare) and True Heart (Epic)

Sparkler (Uncommon)

Let us know in the comments your favorite?

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