Unknown castle discovered in Fortnite

Recently, a Reddit user found something interesting in Fortnite. Apparently, there is an unknown castle in the game. In fact, you can view it by gazing into the Rifts at the right angle.

For example, with the image above the player went to the Wailing Woods in an underground bunker. Yet, at this time there are only theories on the situation.

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Additionally, YouTuber Postboxpat has a video on his take of the Rifts and its images. Honestly, if you get a chance to see the castle it resembles the castle in Frozen in a Winter setting.

Seriously, we know Epic Games puts stuff in Fortnite so we can find it and go nuts over it. For example, the cube which electrocuted everyone on sight until it exploded. Not to mention, Winter is coming and Fornite has added snow at some point for the season.

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Comment below on what you think of the castle in Fortnite. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Destiny 2’s director opens up on Bungie’s intentions for their players.

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