Uncharted Director Amy Hennig Announces New Studio With Skydance Media

(Picture: Naughty Dog).

Amy Hennig announces a new studio collaboration with Skydance Media. (Picture: Naughty Dog).

Amy Hennig has announced plans for a new studio with Skydance Media. The writer and director of the Uncharted series are working with the team behind films such as Terminator: Dark Fate and Jack Reacher. On November 18, Hennig took to Twitter to make the announcement.

Along with former EA executive Julian Beak, the two will start a new game studio in San Fransisco. Julian has worked on productions, including Need For Speed and Battlefield. He’s worked as an artist, designer, software engineer, producer, and executive on more than thirty productions.

It will create opportunities for game developers around the Bay Area and at Skydance Media’s HQ in Santa Monica, California. The studio aims to create games that can appeal to everyone, as streaming becomes more and more prevalent.

Hennig’s career spans over 30 years, from Electronic Arts as a senior creative director to lead writer and creative director with Naughty Dog. Hennig believes that she has discovered “kindred spirits” at Skydance.

She praised the company’s CEO David Ellison, “He’s a serious gamer, so he knows this business.”

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