Ubisoft’s Starlink Failed To Hit The Mark But will be used as a Learning Experience

In an interview with MCV the executive director of Ubisoft Alain Corre, spoke about how Starlink didn’t quite meet the sales expectations they where hoping for, however, all is not lost as Ubisoft are going to use the game as a learning experience.

This is what Alain, had to say on the matter:

I think we gain a lot of experience working on this franchise, also for the family. And it helps us shape plans for family games that are coming for us. We always capitalize on everything we have done in the past. We have a lot of fans still playing Starlink and that are happy playing Starlink, and that’s what’s most important for us.

We were expecting more out of Starlink but it’s a step in our creation process and, again, all the experience we have garnered out of creating and marketing this game, we are very rich in this experience to market, and well placed to create better products for this type of consumer in the future.

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