Tune In January 9th for a New Pokemon Direct

Nintendo Pokemon Direct announcment
Pokemon Direct is incoming very soon! (Picture: Gamefreak)

Nintendo of America tweeted out that there will be a new Direct focusing on Pokemon on January 9th at 6:30 PST. The Direct will last about 20 minutes, the last time there was a Pokemon direct, it announced the 8th Generation coming to the Switch, so who knows what will be unveiled.

There are a lot of glitches and bugs in the current game, that we may see some of them getting patched out as well. or potentially some new raids. Everyone already has their speculation hats on, whether there will be DLC, new cards, merch, all of it, or maybe none of it or perhaps everything.

In addition, Pokemon Home has not been talked about lately, new information may come on that partnered with new information on the competitive meta. Have they

Lastly, this falls into SPOILER territory, but Gigantamax Toxtricity was found in the game’s code so there may be an event for this Pokemon and maybe other events or online competitions.

Also, The direct will be streamed on youtube and on the official Nintendo website.

How do you feel about this? Excited? Let us know down below!

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