Tricky Towers Gets Physical Release on Switch

A wallpaper of the game Tricky Towers
4-player frenetic puzzling comes to the physical realm via Super Rare Games. Image Source: Nintendo

Multiplayer tower-building game Tricky Towers is getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch next week via Super Rare games. Limited to only 4000 copies, WeirdBeard’s magical physics-based puzzler will be bundled in with a host of extra goodies, including DLC and physical items.

Super Rare Games’ release will include all 6 DLC packs on the cartridge – a rare occurrence for physical games. Furthermore, SRG have packed a bunch of other neat extras into this Collector’s Edition. The release will also include a full-colour manual, an exclusive sticker, and three exclusive trading cards. There’s even interior art in the case!

Not only does the game offer 4-player multiplayer – online or local – it also boasts a fleshed-out Single Player mode. Players are tasked with stacking bricks into a tower and toppling towers made by their opponents. Also, to add an extra element of chaos and challenge, players are able to use spells to make their opponents’ lives just that little bit harder.

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The DLC included with Tricky Towers features a host of weird and wonderful crossovers, including Octodad and Lethal League. Here’s a full list of the DLCs included:

  • Gem Bricks
  • Candy Bricks
  • Holographic Bricks
  • Galaxy Bricks
  • Spirit Animal Pack
  • Indie Friends (that’s where all those cool crossovers are!)
A promotional image of Tricky Towers' Physical Release.

Super Rare’s Tricky Towers Collectors Edition comes with a host of extras, both physical and in-game. Image Source: Super Rare Games

Tricky Towers Physical Release – Where To Buy

Tricky Towers: Collector’s Edition will be available for pre-order on the 22nd of May, and will set you back a reasonable £32.40 (that’s around $33 for our American readers, or 36.27€ for you Euro-using folk). You can check out Super Rare’s website here. Along with this, there’s a trailer you can check out here.

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Will you be picking up SRG’s newest release? Have you played Tricky Towers before? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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