Top 10 moments in esports 2019

Top 10 moments in esports
We look back on an incredible year of esports (Picture: Valve)

We know it’s a bit late as we are already three months into 2020. 2019 though was an insane year for esports. Plenty of action and great games to watch. Here at Daily Gaming Report, we count down our top 10 moments in esports in 2019.

10 – SK’s Run In SWC

Smite not be the most popular eSport out there. It does have a dedicated fan base and community that always attend Worlds in Atlanta. At the 2019 Smite World Championship SK Gaming came in as underdogs with arguable the worst route to the finals. After going through qualifying the week before they had a huge mountain to climb. They, however, were able to make the Cinderella story run to the finals and eventually lifting the hammer.

9 – TurboPolsa Becomes A Four-Time

Rocket League has given us some incredible moments in esports. The most recent World Championship gave us a few more. Three former world champions were fighting it out in the semi-finals on different teams. The five-minute overtime in game six between Dignitas and Vitality. All of that was overshadowed by NRG defeating Vitality in the finals to give arguably the best Rocket League player, Pierre “TurboPolsa” Silfver, his fourth World Championship.

8- Arlsan Ash Wins At EVO

Fighting games don’t get the love they deserve sometimes. There are incredibly difficult to master and can be incredible to watch when in the hands of a master. EVO is the biggest event on the FGC calendar and so is an unmissable event for fans of fighting games. Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique was one who refused to miss it. Competing in the EVO Tekken 7 tournament he had Visa issues and had to take five flights over two and a half days to get to the event. He came in unable to transfer his currency into yen so arrived jet-lagged and hungry moments before his first match. He then went on the run of his life and won the whole tournament, an incredible feat on its own, but he has showcased the Pakistani Tekken scene in the process.

7- Sinatraa’s Rise In The OWL

Plenty of fans and players hate toxicity in their games, but it’s something you can’t escape. Jay “Sinatraa” Won was notorious in Overwatch for being one of the most toxic pros in the scene. After a horrid first season in the OWL, he changed his ways and led the San Francisco Shock to an OWL title overcoming the Vancouver Titans in the process. It didn’t stop there he then led Team USA to glory in the World Cup a tournament he faltered in the year before. Not to mention he picked up MVP in the regular season and in the World Cup so clearly, he has changed for the better.

6- VKLiooon Wins Hearthstone World Championship

Gaming is there for everyone. The professional scene is dominated by male competitors, but there are female gamers with the same drive to be the best. This was shown at the Hearthstone World Championship last year where Li “VKLiooon” Xiaomeng become the first female to win the Hearthstone Grandmasters Global finals. With more female professionals breaking into the scene, VKLiooon has given females everywhere the motivation that they can make it to the top. Gaming allows anyone from any gender play against each other it’s great to see female professionals making it to the top, hopefully well see more there in the future.

5- G2 Win Back To Back R6 Invitationals

The best team to ever play Rainbow Six” The exact quote from Interro when G2 defeated Team Empire to win the Invitational early last year. The became the first team to defend their major crown and prove they are the best. This G2 line-up won everything in their path and destroyed the competition at the Invitational last year. Becoming the first back to back winners in Siege’s history. Just ignore everything that happened for the rest of the season as it all came crashing down after.

Top 10 moments in esports

G2 won the Six Invitational early last year (Picture: G2 Esports)

4- All Western MSI Finals

A historic moment for western League of Legends happened at last years MSI. G2 Esports and Team Liquid faced off against each other to determine who will win MSI. The first time we’ve seen an all-western final since Season One Worlds. Team Liquid beat out world champions Invictus Gaming, and G2 saw off the legendary SKT to set up this final. The finals saw G2 win convincingly, but the statement was made, the infamous “gap” had been closed, and the west are ready to take on the titans in China and Korea.

3- Astralis Win Three In A Row

Top 10 Moments in Esports

Astralis continue their dominance in CS: GO with the win in Berlin (Picture: StarLadder)

If you follow CS: GO you won’t be surprised to see this on our list. Astralis have proven they might be the best team to ever play CS:GO. In 2019 they won IEM: Katowice and the Berlin Major, this followed their success late 2018 by winning the London Major. This meant they became the first team to win three majors in a row and the first to win four overall. This was a statement as they proved they are the best in the world and arguable the best CS: GO team ever.

2- FunPlus Phoenix Win Worlds Over G2

Probably two most innovative teams in LoL came head-to-head in the finals of Worlds 2019. G2 had won everything in their path in 2019 and were on for being the first western team to complete the Grand Slam. In their way was a FunPlus Phoenix team that had stormed through the Summer Split and were creative with how they got to the top. After struggling in the group stages, a lot of people had their doubts that this side could go all the way. When the knockout stages began their creativity shined, getting past 2018 finalists Fnatic and former world champions Invictus Gaming on their route to the final. The final might not have lived up to expectation, but it was still a huge moment for the team and was incredible to see this unique way of playing LoL overcome some of the best teams in the world.

1- OG Do The Unthinkable At TI

No team has ever won back-to-back International titles in Dota 2. OG had done something incredible the year before in winning as massive underdogs, and when it came around in 2019, no one thought they’d be able to repeat that success. OG topped their group at the event and went through, Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD (who they beat in the final the year before) to make it to the final. The last team in their way, former world champions Team Liquid.

Things didn’t start well as OG threw game one away but rallied back to win three in a row to lift the Aegis of Champions for the second time. The closest any team came to defend their title before was Na’Vi in 2012, and OG managed to go all the way and reclaim their spot at the top of the Dota 2 kingdom. The next question is, can they do three in a row?

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