Titanfall Apex Legends is available now

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s newest released game is out now. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale set in the world of Titanfall with the focus being on people instead of titans. Most of the game’s mechanics will feel familiar if you’ve played the genre before, with a few new things added.

One of the key ways that Apex Legends stands out is with character specific abilities. The eight characters at launch all feature different abilities that can play off of each other, creating a more varied strategy. Though they will possibly add more legends in the future. Each of the legends has three abilities. A tactical, a passive, and an ultimate, which is where the varied strategy comes into play. Mix and max with the other two members of your three-man squad and you could finish off another squad quickly.

A match consists of 60 people broken into squads of three. Like with other games in the genre you pick an area, drop in, and find the best gear you can. Unlike other games though, death isn’t the end. If your teammates get finished off you have 90 seconds to pick up their banner from their crate and get to a respawn center. Your squad can only use each center once though, so keep that in mind.

You can check out the cinematic reveal trailer below to get a feel for the tone. It’s a bit different of a tone than the Titanfall games.

You can pick up Apex Legends through the Origin launcher if you’re on the computer or the PlayStation and Xbox stores on their respective consoles.

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