Time to rain Havok in Apex Legends!

New weapon for Apex Legends already. New content within weeks for a game that is free… its almost like respawn listen to fans. The newest weapon is called the Havok Rifle its an energy-based weapon so will need the energy ammo to use. Hopefully the spawn rate of said ammo will increase or you won’t be able to get many shots off. The Havok has two separate fire modes one for an automatic stream of bullets and the other is a charge up energy blast. Like Halo’s Railgun.

When in its in the charge fire mode it can instant down enemies with a single headshot. The charge beam mode can only be accessed when equipped with the Select fire Receiver. The weapon, even in its auto rifle mode, has a spin up time. If you find the turbocharger attachment, then you can avoid this which is a handy note.

Have you noticed how these game trailers never show the bit of battle royale games where you sit in a corner and listen to your headset in dead silence?

This game has exploded since its release and respawn down seem to have any plans on slowing down. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thomas Glynn
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My name is Thomas I am a British Game enthusiast who loves all things video games. I am a massive fan of video game lore and love anything with a unique colour palette and fast pace.

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