The Witcher + Monster Hunter: World Crossover Revealed!


Geralt of Rivia finds himself stranded in the Monster Hunter world.. “Roach!.. New quests are on the horizon!”

Recently, it was announced that ‘Geralt of Rivia’ from ‘The Witcher’ is coming to Monster Hunter: World. Interestingly, CD Projekt Red said the Geralt cameo in Monster Hunter will not only be a skin but will offer “a unique gameplay experience. This will blend the RPG mechanics of The Witcher 3 with Monster Hunter’s game systems.” In fact, in this update Geralt will fight and move as you would expect to see him do so in Witcher 3. It will be great to see Geralt’s unique fighting style mixed with an assortment of monster hunting equipment.

Also, as well as being able to play as Geralt, it was confirmed that “Witcher-inspired quests” will be joining us in the Monster Hunt. This is Geralt’s second major crossover since being an available fighter in Soul Calibur 6… I am personally looking forward to seeing further crossovers happen in the future and hope that other developers will work together on projects like this.

Check out the trailer below for The Witcher 3 / Monster Hunter: World crossover…

In fact, The event will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in “early 2019.” Capcom also announced today that Monster Hunter: World will get a major new expansion titled Iceborne next year too!

In other recent news SSB: ULTIMATE SMASHES NINTENDO SWITCH RECORDS!!. Check this out below and don’t forget to leave a comment. What games would you like to see crossover?


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