The Surge 2 Is Coming, And It’s Looking Awesome

A sequel to 2017’s sci-fi Soulslike is coming this September, and according to previews, it’s shaping up to be something special. Certain influencers and members of the press were allowed to take an early look at the game, and opinions are glowing. In an “Accolades” trailer released for the game today, certain choice pull-quotes are selected and displayed proudly on Focus Home Interactive’s YouTube page. The Sixth Axis called The Surge 2 “Seriously visceral“, and praised the game’s “Tense & Dynamic Combat“.

This all stands in contrast against the first Surge game, which received notoriously tepid reviews upon its release. 6 and 7/10 review scores abounded as critics saw the potential in the game but lamented the dour scenery and imprecise combat. Luckily, the sequel looks to be improving on all of these aspects in an effort to make The Surge 2 a more memorable experience. Focus seem to be at least a little comfortable with acknowledging the issues present with the first game, cheekily slipping Destructoid’s claim that The Surge 2 “dunks on the original game” into the aforementioned Accolades trailer.

A cyberpunk-flavoured Soulslike game is certainly an idea that has tonnes of potential. The aesthetic and rich worldbuilding so often associated with the Cyberpunk genre feels like it would be a great fit for a game inspired by the Dark Souls series. While The Surge 1 barely scratched the surface of this potential, The Surge 2 is looking like it’ll dive much deeper into that aspect.

Did you enjoy the original Surge? Are you looking forward to playing the new game this September? Leave your thought in the comments!

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