The Outer Worlds Gameplay: 20 minutes of vaporizing and shrinking heads

If you tuned into the PAX East yesterday, you would of had the chance to see 20 minutes of the exciting new gameplay of The Outer Worlds. Right of the bat we were introduced to the trusty companions that the player will have,  Nyoka and Felix.

Inside the city of Byzantium ( city of the elite ), Felix and Nyoka follow you as you make your way towards your first acting gig. Since the game is still being fined tuned, we weren’t able to hear any audio from any of the characters, but the dialogue was very witty, amusing and funny, to say the least. The quest ends with you taking out all the other applicants in a very satisfying matter and even vaporizing the man who hired you for the audition in the first place.

Later, the devs parade us throughout the town showing off of the beauty of it, and how it will be sectioned off and will accessible later on in the game. But, they also make it a point, where if you can sweet talk your way through the guards ( possibly giving him the grenade launcher he’s been wanting since a kid ) he might turn a blind eye.

All this is fun, but the creme of the crop I feel would have to be the combat. The personal interactions with each person seemed a little slow to start and forced, but the transition from that to the actual combat was seamless from what I saw.  The shooting mechanics seemed very satisfying and reminded me of Destiny with all of the bright colors. One weapon, in particular, was the Mandibular Rearranger, a melee science weapon that rearranges an opponents’ features when struck ( such as, shrinking heads ), will be very fun to use and I for one can not wait.

Will you be playing The Outworlds Worlds? Are you ready to Shrink some heads? Let us know in the comments below.

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