The Last of Us Part II Rumoured to Be Coming February 2020

Back in March this year, here at DGR we posted a screenshot from Peruvian game retailer LAWGAMERS. It showed a mock up of an advertising campaign featuring The Last of Us Part II, promoting an October 2019 release date. Well, it would seem that a new leak has come to light from A9VG user ‘Agentkicker’. In the post they state that the game will be expected in February 2020, and that it will also be available in four different editions!

The previous leak seemed credible at the time, given that it came from an actual retailer. However, games are often prone to being pushed back. It may have been that Naughty Dog was originally aiming for October as they have in the past favoured Fall release dates. This is evidenced by the first 3 Uncharted titles being released in this time period.

Sony Insiders

What is worth noting is that ‘Agentkicker’ themselves seems to be credible in their own right. Weeks before we found out the true launch date for Sony’s upcoming Death Stranding, they leaked the release and were right on the money. So it is reasonable to assume that they have a source in the industry. The Last of Us Part II leak has also been backed-up and corroborated by ZhugeEX, who is also a known and reliable insider for gaming news. If that wasn’t enough, we also have the fact that Ellie’s voice and mocap actor Ashley Johnson nearly let it slip last month. In an interview with Critical Role she stated “I think it’s coming out in Fe…” before trailing off as to not reveal too much. I would class that as a source hat-trick, would you?

With regards to the four different editions, they are as follows:

  • The Standard Edition
  • The Special Edition
  • The Collector’s Edition
  • The Ellie Edition

Currently we do not know what these different editions will include. Usually you get the additional steelbook versions, and some figurines (I do like desk items). All I can truly guess is that it will shake your wallet if you choose anything but The Standard Edition!

Apparently, we will be seeing more big titles from Sony at the beginning of 2020 as a last hurrah for the PS4. We are of course expecting to see the PS5 in November of next year, so if you have been waiting for an exclusive PS4 title for a while, you will most likely get it just after the New Year!

For now that is all the information we have on the latest TLoU leak. Admittedly I did get quite excited for an October release, but February will do just fine as well! What do you guys think? Do you believe we will be getting Part II in early 2020? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime make sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our Youtube channel!

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