The Last Of Us HBO Series – Names Confirmed – One Redacted Name

The Last Of US HBO Adaptation - First Names Announced
(Picture: Naughty Dog).

Co-creator of The Last Of Us HBO series, Neil Druckmann, has announced the first characters set for the adaptation. Druckmann is working with Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin to transform the post-pandemic game into a TV series.

It’ll be no surprise that the shortlist includes notable major characters from the game. In a post from Druckmann, while quote-tweeting an HBO post of International Women’s Day, he said: “And now you have Ellie, Riley, Tess, Marlene, Maria, [redacted], and a few others!”

So, the redacted name has caught everyone’s attention. Of course, considering it’s a four-letter name, attention turns to Joel. But, let’s not forget Dina, Ellie’s love interest seen in the trailers for The Last Of Us 2.

Perhaps, the redacted name refers to a character out ofThe Last Of Us 2. If the theory proves correct, we would be seeing material from the sequel earlier than anticipated within the TV adaptation.

To back up the idea, in 2017, Naughty Dog released a post on Twitter. It was announced that a Laura Bailey-voiced character had been confirmed for the sequel. Her name was redacted. At the time, conclusions were reached that she could be playing Ellie’s mother, Anna.

The names revealed at this stage are enough to excite fans of The Last Of Us. The announcement of Maria’s name, for instance, must surely confirm Tommy’s place within the TV adaptation, as well as their Hydroelectric Dam. There’s hope that the adaptation will further focus on the Left Behind side-story, given that Riley’s name has shown up.

However, Henry and Sam have not made the cut, and neither has Nolan North’s antagonist, David. Yet, Druckmann’s remark of a “few others”, leaves us hopeful for such names to materialize in the near future.

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