The Division 2’s Campaign Promises To Be Longer than the First’s

At Gamescom 2018 The Division 2 got a brand new gameplay trailer which you can check out here. Not only this but GamesIndustry.Biz recently spoke to The Division 2‘s managing director, David Polfeldt in which he explains how they have prepared for the long-term:

“The first time you marry, you’re probably happy enough just to fall in love and see what happens. If you’re in your second marriage, you probably know a little bit more about what’s going to follow after the infatuation.”

Now with this, he is referring to the lack of endgame with The Division and how they plan to fix this problem with The Division 2 as The Division at launch barely had any endgame and it wasn’t until the release of DLC that helped the endgame and made players come back.

Polfeldt also goes on to explain how they want to make a game that will be enjoyable in years to come:

“What are people going to enjoy after two years of playing the game? From there, you can work backwards towards the ‘falling in love’ part, which is actually what the campaign is – it’s just a long love story. In our case, I think it’s going to be longer than the first one.”

The Division 2 is a game many fans are excited for, I know I am. However, with all the issues that surrounded the first game, many fans are a bit worried it won’t meet expectations especially how Ubisoft are already giving extra storage space to those who pre-order special editions of the game. which led to a serious pushback in pre-orders.

The Division 2 is geared for release March 15, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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In other news, Are we in the eye of a Bulletstorm? Could we expect more?

Are we in the eye of a Bulletstorm? Could we expect more?

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