The Division 2 Open Beta Revealed By The Developers

The Division 2, recently just had a private beta, which gave players a chance to hop into the game over the weekend and have a play with it.

However, no word on an open beta was announced yet. Until now that is as during a live stream by Ubisoft.

One of the developers accidentally mentioned that there would be an open beta. As when asked about the bugs players encountered, the developers said this:

we are “going to fix” a lot of bugs “for the open beta.”

Though there is no official date for the open beta, it would make sense for The Division 2, to hold an open beta.

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As a private beta, only allows a select amount of people to test out the game, meaning Ubisoft can’t stress test the servers.

Whereas with an open beta more players will be able to join, meaning they can really stress test the servers as well as iron out any last minute bugs before launch.

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