The Division 2 Nearly Took Place in New Orleans

With Gamescom 2018 underway, there has been news about the newest installment of the Division series.

From what we saw in the trailer at E3, Division 2 is set in the American capital of Washington DC. News about the game’s setting from the level designer stated the game’s setting could’ve been Seattle, Washington or even New Orleans, Louisiana.

The team behind the Division 2 always went back to the back and forth with the idea of setting the game in DC and the other interesting places within the United States. Manny Diaz, the level designer for Division 2, said the game almost went to New Orleans due to its “interesting culture and amazing visuals.”

The game’s setting ultimately went to DC due to the connection of the Division agents had with the government. The Division agents are the protectors of the United States government during this crisis, so it makes sense the developers of Division 2 would be as close to the heart of the United States as possible. Diaz continued to say, “the team had seemed to come back to the capital because it felt special.”

The first game had New York City with the financial district and neighborhoods like Manhattan being the forefront. Having DC as the setting, the parallels between the two establish a growing story.

Washington DC allows for more tactful play style utilizing the usefulness of your teammates during gameplay. Communication will be key for the survival and progression of the story for you and your teammates.

Would you like to off seen The Division 2 set in New Orleans? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article why not share it on social media.

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