The Division 2 Kenly College Available Again Tuesday 25th

The Division 2 Kenly College is currently available.

The Division 2 Kenly College is going to be available on Tuesday 25th and will be available for a few weeks, so if you haven’t managed to experienece The Division 2 Kenly College now is your chance.

Kenly College was praised by The Division 2 community for mixing up the typical gameplay of run to this point kill some bad guys and move on to the next, the way it works in Kenly College is by being an open area that has to be traversed several times in order to complete your objective. However, the only downfall to Kenly College is that it is on a rotation, meaning for a few weeks you will be able to play Kenly College as you please, but then it will close again stopping players from going there.

For those who complete all Kenly College missions, you will be rewarded with an exotic weapon called Diamondback, you can check out the weapon below.

Image result for the division 2 diamondback

The Divison 2 Diamondback weapon.

After completing the missions on Kenly College, in order to receive the diamondback, you have to go to the Chapel in which there will be loot crates, upon opening these loot crates you will be rewarded the Diamondback exotic weapon. Down below is a guide for anyone unsure:

Will this be your first time experiencing Kenly College? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media. Also, The Division 2 is currently on sale for $3 due to the launch of the brand new The Division 2 expansion Warlords Of New York. So if you have been thinking about picking up The Division 2, now is your chance.

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