The Division 2 Is Coming To The Epic Games Store Instead Of Steam

Epic Games are ready to compete with the giant that is Steam, as we now know that The Division 2 is coming to the Epic Store rather than Steam.

So it’s clear that Epic Games made a deal with Ubisoft to pull the game from Steam and to put it on the Epic Store instead, meaning that The Division 2 won’t be available to buy on Steam compared to its predecessor and previous Ubisoft PC titles.

Do note that the game will also be sold on Ubisofts own Uplay store, now we can see why Ubisoft have decided to go with the Epic Store instead of Steam as the Epic Store offers a bigger cut of sales to developers.

Ubisoft’s Chris Early said: “Epic continues to disrupt the videogame industry, and their third party digital distribution model is the latest example, and something Ubisoft wants to support.”

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The Division 2 is due to release 15th March 2019.

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