The Darkness is coming to Destiny 2

The Darkness pyramid armada in Destiny 2
Only Darkness in sight for Destiny 2?

The Darkness is finally on its way to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 developer, Bungie, revealed the Darkness is coming to the world of Destiny 2. Through an audio clipping in this tweet, the main antagonist of the FPS appears to be lurking. While the background appears to be the waveform for the audio, it isn’t. Instead, it’s simply as it looks, a series of pyramids. To any Destiny 2 player this can mean only one thing – the Darkness is coming.

As such, rumors and theories are being bounced about throughout the Destiny 2 community. Some of the best ones so far are found here on r/RaidSecrets.

Who exactly are the Darkness?

For those who aren’t really aware of the Darkness, here’s a brief overview. Naturally, spoilers may lurk down here.

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The Darkness started out as concept art found in the predecessor Destiny. They’re depicted as an armada of pyramid ships and are said to have origins predating that of the beginning of the unvierse. Much like the Light. Interestingly, this piece of history is seemingly narrated by the Darkness itself within the lore book “Unveiling”. Within Destiny 2, they haven’t played much of a direct role despite being considered the main antagonist. Their first feature in-game was toward the very end of the Red War campaign.

Currently, Destiny 2 is in its 10th season known as the Season of Worthy. In it, players have been able to track the progress of pyramids via a pixelated map of the solar system. As of this week, these pyramids find themselves by Saturn, with each passing week bringing them closer to The Last City. The Season of Worthy is set to end on June 9th with the weekly reset. It’s unknown when the pyramid armada will arrive, but thanks to Bungie’s audio clip it certainly seems like they’re on their way.

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