The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Review

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Review

Dontnod Entertainment’s newest game set in the Life is Strange universe is a celebration of childhood innocence and imagination. Entering the world of Chris Eriksen, the child protagonist of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit harkens back to days of yonder years past.

Erik in much the same fashion as most children spends his days playing with his toys imagining them into heroic scenarios in which they may engage.

Chris lives with his father who has turned alcoholic following the death of his wife and have had to relocate to a one-story house in a different Oregon town that is away from Chris’ friends. Chris escapes into his own imagination as a way of coping with the loss of his mother and loneliness.

It is here that we encounter Chris who has taken on the persona of the eponymous Captain Spirit who is on an imaginative quest to vanquish Mantroid, the leader of the villains. But first Chris must assemble the pieces to his superhero costume, which is scattered throughout the playable world amidst other secondary objectives he can accomplish.

Chris may also interact with certain objects in “superhero” fashion. For instance, when placing a log into the fireplace he waves his hand around in a very “Force-like” gesture to make it burn faster. In addition, on many occasions, Chris will enter into fully realized imaginative scenarios that take full advantage of the new graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4.

The same interaction mechanics found in previous Life is Strange installments is present here and is the sole driving mechanic for story progression. Uncovering the story object by object like this is very enjoyable and progresses the story at your own pace. The environments are wonderfully animated and breathe so much life into the world of the game. The voice acting is superb, as they are able to brilliantly flesh out the characters with vivid emotion. Dontnod developers really excel in the sound design of their games as pivotal moments are cued up with wonderful scores of music and vocals. An aspect of the game I found very beautiful was one in which a vinyl record is played while accompanied by various perspectives and angles of locations in the game world in real-time.

It is these very moments that are trademark Dontnod and deliver those heartstring-tugging moments that typify Life is Strange. By and large however is the idea of choice in these games which was rather lacking as there are only a few NPC’s that are can be interacted with in game. Several objects are also at times difficult to interact with as you must be in the correct looking angle to bring up the interact menu. Furthermore, shifting and limited camera angles can negatively affect gameplay. The runtime is also very low, taking roughly 2 hours to finish the story and secondary objectives.

Overall, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit delivers a thoroughly profound and heartwarming story, beautiful graphics, offers thoroughly interactive gameplay and is only limited by its short length time and minimal freedom of choice.

Captain Spirit ends with a promise that the story will continue in Life is Strange 2, due to release September 27, 2018.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
Available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Square Enix

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