The Anthem has stopped singing

Inactive for a month – Bioware seem to be taking a nap…

Games as a service, sounds like a great idea and games like Destiny are doing quite well out of it. With live service games the important thing to remember is the need to deliver a “service”. BioWare has seemed to neglect that idea and were all getting slightly worried. The game had a road map announced when the game was released but that was not followed through with and now the Anthem twitter account has been silent since April 23rd.

Twitter was commonly used for live stream announcements and reporting on the games progress and other types of news. Its theorised that they might be doing a No Man’s Sky approach. They are going to wait till they have some content ready and then lay it down. “Here you go, we never abandoned you” is the general idea. Of course it must be said not everyone is as hopeful and believe that BioWare have abandoned the game. I am of the latter; one had such high hopes for this game as some of my previous articles may have let on. I even have a video on DGR’s YouTube channel expressing my love of the Colossus Javelin.

The lack of information for a month paired with fact that most of the senior developers have been moved to Dragon Age 4 equals: One forgotten mistake. Looking at how they poorly they treated ME: Andromeda. They had negative reviews (for good reason) and they cancelled the DLC and left a cliff hanger ending stuck in the air for all to see. Poor Quarians.

What do you think about this development? Do you think BioWare have given up or are simply biding their time? Let us know in the comments below.

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My name is Thomas I am a British Game enthusiast who loves all things video games. I am a massive fan of video game lore and love anything with a unique colour palette and fast pace.

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