The 2 most interesting things found in the Nintendo gigaleak

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Interesting things about Nintendo

Throughout the month of July, Nintendo suffered a major source code leak. While it rarely touched upon newer titles, it heavily undressed older games from the SNES and N64 era. While some of the leaks were boring, such as the names of files, others were a lot more interesting. From Luigi in Mario 64 to cancelled Pokemon legendaries, these are some of the most bizarre things found in the gigaleak. Keep in mind that these are just the ones that stood out the most. If you are interested in more, check out the full gigaleak. Nintendo 64 System - Video Game Console: Unknown ...

Nintendo planned Luigi for Mario 64?

“L is real 2401” is one of the greatest myths in gaming. That statement, written on a statue in Super Mario 64, gave fans hope that Luigi was possibly in the game. Unfortunately, there is no way to actually find Luigi in the game. That being said, Luigi was revealed to exist in the game’s source code from the gigaleak. Sadly, Luigi was never able to excel past the source code. This does, however, bring the great mystery to close. Even though Luigi can’t actually be found in the game, it’s nice to know that he does exist in some form and was probably going to make it into the final product.

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Uncovered Pokemon

Some of the most popular Nintendo Leaks in recent history are cancelled Pokemon leaks. While few Pokemon were leaked in the new gigaleak, the most intriguing one is a cancelled legendary.

This is most likely the cancelled design for Giratina, the Legendary found in Pokemon Platinum. Regardless, it would have been interesting to see a Pokemon like this released in an actual game. There were more Pokemon leaks, such as this prototype version of Garchomp or this early Rotom model, so be sure to check those out if you enjoy Pokemon!

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These are some of the most exciting leaks from last month. There are many more leaks, so keep an eye out for them on the internet. The gigaleak raises many questions for Nintendo: How did this happen? What will Nintendo do about it? Only time will tell.

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