Tetris 99 – Update 1.2.0 – New Features!


Update 1.2.0 Adds A New Hard Drop Sensitivity Setting And A New Win Screen… Amazing.

Recently, version 1.2.0 has been released for the addictive battle royale game… Tetris 99. This version adds a new online disclaimer message, low and high hard drop sensitivity settings and a new win screen. Not the biggest of updates and most likely one the most players won’t actually notice… But anyway, If you are at all wondering what a the new victory screen looks like, here it is:


If you would like to check out the full patch notes you can do so below! Or, you can go to the ‘Nintendo of America support page’…

  • Changes related to events
    • We have implemented a system that grants points based on place ranking while an event is ongoing.
  • General
    • This update also includes various minor gameplay fixes.

Tell us, have you won a game in Tetris 99 yet and what you like like to see implemted into the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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