Tencent showcases Code: SYN during annual conference

SYN was among the upcoming titles shown during Tencent's annual conference (Picture: Tencent)
SYN was among the upcoming titles shown during Tencent's annual conference (Picture: Tencent)

SYN gameplay demo showcases beautiful, realistic graphics in real-time

Last week Tencent held their annual conference in which the company’s Senior Vice President Steven Ma announced that the company’s drive would be to encompass technology, gameplay, and storylines for the future of their evolution of game development. Tencent has been steadily expanding its reach within the gaming industry. Last month they announced they would be ‘taking the system shock franchise forward’ and they would be also partnering with The Pokemon Company to work on their upcoming MOBA Pokemon Unite.

What is Code: SYN?

Among the 40 odd updates covered during the presentation we saw the reveal demo of Code: SYN, an upcoming open-world cyberpunk inspired FPS. The demo itself is stunning and aims to push the limits of real-time graphics. Though it won’t reflect the final product, the features we can expect to see are alluring, to say the least. From what we can tell, SYN will be a multiplayer game but that will remain unclear until we know a little bit more about the project. No gameplay was actually shown in the demo although the navigation through the character creation menus gives a good insight into what we can expect.

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Among the features shown was the “strand-based hair system” they’ve developed with help from Epic Games, giving it a realistic yet Pixar-like quality. All customization features include your character, vehicles and even a cybernetic animal companion will be updated in real-time. Players will be able to pick from three different factions, Anarchy, Enforcer and Motorheads, it’s not explained in the demo what the roles will be but just from the names they seem pretty self explanatory.

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SYN is expected to release next year on PC and consoles however it wasn’t specified what consoles it would be coming to. Personally, as a fan of films like Blade Runner, Akira, and other cyberpunk media, I’m really looking forward to seeing what SYN has to offer. Tencent is looking to globally market the game so I’d expect to see a lot more details in the foreseeable future.

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