Telltale Games Replacing It’s Old Engine With New One

Telltale Games is a company well known for The Walking Dead, which is a choice based adventure game. Since The Walking Dead, they have also brought out The Wolf Among Us, and Batman. 

Now the one thing these games have in common is that they use the same engine from 2004 and you can really see how old this engine is, While Telltale has been updating the engine throughout the years, it hasn’t stopped it from showing its age. which you could see in just how buggy and unstable their newest releases had been.

The Walking Dead: Final Season will be the last game to use the old engine after this Telltale will start to use the Unity engine, now while this does bode well for Telltale there are still issues that come with the Unity engine but it’s a more modern engine which is better supported.

The first games to be built in the Unity engine will be The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and Stranger Things. 

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