Switch Success Is Due To Clear Marketing Nintendo Says Unlike The Wii U

The Nintendo Switch has seen major success and it is still continuing to see that success, it only took the Switch ten months to sell more units than the Wii U managed in its entire lifetime.

When the Switch was announced it had clear marketing and users knew what the Switch console was all about but when the Wii U was announced the marketing was confusing and no one understood what it was.

In a recent interview with The Star, Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aimé spoke about the different marketing between the two consoles

“We have a lot of momentum out there. It’s wonderful. But we also know that in this games business, things change quickly. What we’ve been able to do with Nintendo Switch is a number of very important things. First, we’ve been incredibly clear with the positioning of the product. Why should you purchase this device? Well, it’s because you can play this great content, anywhere, anytime with anyone. Tell me what the Wii U proposition was in 10 words or less. We weren’t as incredibly clear.”

When the Wii U was announced people thought it was a gamepad for the Wii not actually realizing it was a next-generation system.

Tell Reggie in 10 words or less what the Wii U proposition was in the comments below.

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