Super Mario Odyssey First Anniversary Celebration

As of late, Nintendo have been celebrating Super Mario Odyssey’s one year anniversary.

Shown above, the official Japanese Super Mario Odyssey Twitter page shared some new art work. This features Mario, Peach, and Bowser in their wedding attire. Alongside them are Luigi and his balloons, Pauline, Cappy and Tiara.

Additionally, the official Super Mario Twitter account is promoting a snapshot contest to celebrate the one year anniversary.

Of course, there is also a limited time in-game event. A scavenger hunt for pixel Luigi and Captain Toad. Players need to ground pound the area around the New Donk City festival to uncover 39 pixel Luigis and Captain Toads.

7,800 coins can be made from the event in total. Each pixel Luigi and Toad is worth 200 coins, and they’re fairly easy to find. So what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, it seems that Super Mario Odyssey isn’t the only game celebrating the event. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be giving everyone a ‘Cappy’. Just play the game between 26/10/2018 – 26/11/2018. The official tweet is shown below.

Pocket Camp Gift

Above all, Mario’s next adventure will see him return to the Switch with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  on December 7, 2018.

Be sure to check out our latest post and the new trailer for the game below.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate trailer revealed

Finally, Super Smash Bros, New Super Mario Bros. U & New Super Luigi U will be headed to the Switch on January 11, 2019, as Super Mario Bros U Deluxe!

If you are excited for what comes next leave a comment and share this post on social media. In other news bug type Pokemon are coming soon to Pokemon Go!

Bug types coming to Pokemon GO soon

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