Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Spirits Mode revealed

Recently, Nintendo’s latest Direct centered on Super Smash Bros Ultimate revealed a new feature called Spirits Mode. Accordingly, this will play in with the theme of the main campaign of the game titled World of Light.

Interestingly, the spirits represent characters of the video game worlds that encompass the series in its crossover nature. Additionally, you can assign a primary spirit to your fighter as well as support spirits to add extra power and skills.

Spirit Battles

Not to mention, Spirit battles is the perfect way to obtain more spirits to your collection. For example, the Spirit board menu will display new spirits to win with special match scenarios to acquire them.

In addition, the spirit you choose to win will have an opponent to face that is similar to the spirit. For example, if you wish to obtain Lakitu and Spiny you’ll face Iggy with a batch of tiny Bowsers with a palette of yellow and red similar to Spiny.

Winning the Spirit

Next, when you win the battle you’ll be prompted with a screen of a rotating blue circle surrounding your fallen opponent which is now a puppet. Secondly, you’ll be given a chance to shoot them for the spirit. Yet, if you were to miss the shot breaks part of the circle giving you a better chance to win the spirit next time.

Spirit Types

Next, Primary Spirits have certain strengths spilt into three categories Attack, Grab, and Shield. Following the image above an Attack Spirit will be an advantage over a Grab Spirit and so on.

Stage Traps

Not to mention, when approaching matches with hazards and traps be sure to equip the Secondary Spirit to handle the stage with ease. Also, pay attention to the conditions in the Spirit Battles as well.

Raising Spirits

Interestingly, you can raise your Spirits like Pokemon in the game. First off, if you win matches with your Primary Spirit you can boost their stats. Not to mention, you can feed them and enhance them into a different image. For example, if you have Dixie Kong as your Primary Spirit they will be enhanced to an image of Dixie and Kiddy Kong of Donkey Kong Country 3 fame.


Surprisingly, you can even send your Spirit off into the living world. However, when your Spirit leaves they leave their core behind with their type at hand to combine with other cores. Therefore, when this process is complete a new Spirit will be summoned. Not to mention, you can even train Spirits and have them search for treasure.

Additionally, Master Spirits are approachable to beat for facilities as rewards. Not to mention, Spirits can help boost Amiibo players but the Spirits cannot return yet the process is redoable. Of course, you can also face other players with Spirits equipped as well to see who has the best spirits on hand.

Comment below on what you think of the new Spirits Mode. Additionally, you can learn more about the mode in the latest Nintendo Direct below, Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, DLC details for Super Smash Bros Ultimate in the latest Direct has been revealed.

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